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PRANA recuperators

The concept of intelligent heat recovery.

Ventilation system PRANA® is monobloc mechanical ventilation device.

His aim is to provide fresh air from the outside and remove bad air from the interior while recovering thermal energy.

The Prana ventilation system extracts polluted air from the room, including dust and smoke micro particles, introducing clean and fresh outside air into the room.

The incoming and outgoing airstreams are separated from each other so that they do not mix with each other.

The system also works in summer conditions. It cools the fresh air before it is introduced into the air-conditioned interior.

PRANA® ventilation systems can be installed in single-family houses, collective buildings, industrial, commercial and service facilities.

Thanks to our recuperation system, the air properties are the same inside and outside the building.

One of the significant achievements of the process of obtaining fresh air by the Prana recuperator is the lack of the need for filters. Thanks to the abandonment of filters, the air quality factor ranges from 95% to 97%.

The elimination of filters has enabled a significant improvement in air quality.

Thanks to the innovative design of Prana recuperators, the efficiency coefficient reaches 91%.

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