Prāṇa (devanāgarī: प्राण)

This is the Sanskrit term. It means the integration of energy, vitality and power that fill the universe. They circulate in everything that exists, and also connect the material world with consciousness and spirit.

PRANA was founded in 2002 in Lvov, Ukraine

The PRANA company is the author and producer of many modern technologies in the field of energy saving.

Over 100,000 satisfied customers had the opportunity to test the quality and durability of our products not only in Ukraine, but also in the European Union.

We provide comfort of living with the use of the healthiest materials and optimal solutions. Most of these solutions have been developed from scratch by following their own path, without imitating those commonly used.

All innovative solutions from PRANA are protected by international patents.

Everyone is looking for a formula of happiness - luckily we have developed a formula of comfort.

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