Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes PRANA® recuperators from other models available on the market?

All wall recuperators available on the market operate in an alternating cycle. First, the outgoing air stream heats the heat exchanger for a while, and then automatically switches to the heat recovery cycle through the air flow. However, PRANA® recuperators are equipped with two fans - one that is responsible for the supply air stream, the other responsible for the outgoing air stream. This solution enables continuous and even heat recovery at a constant level of efficiency.

Another novelty of PRANA® heat recovery units is that they are equipped with copper sheet exchangers of better quality (they do not rust and do not spoil). This material is valued because of its antiseptic properties and the ability to significantly reduce bacteria and viruses present on its surface. It prevents bacteria from accumulating in the pipes, disinfects, refreshes the air and, finally, avoids the use of coarse filters. Thanks to the high thermal conductivity of copper, the efficiency of the PRANA® heat recovery system reaches 91%.

Why are the prices of PRANA® recuperators more favorable compared to the competition?

It's all about optimizing the production process of the recuperators. That is why our recuperators retain a good price even when using the highest quality components used in their production.

Can PRANA® recuperators be installed in kitchens?

PRANA® recuperators can not replace kitchen hoods or traditional ventilation openings. Contaminated kitchen air can settle on copper exchangers and damage them. On the other hand, the operation of PRANA® recuperators can speed up the extraction of home odors from the kitchen or toilet through traditional channels, thanks to the small overpressure they produce. The best place to install the PRANA® recuperators will be a living room or dining room near the kitchen.

Can PRANA® recuperators work as air conditioners in hot weather?

The system also works in summer conditions and gently cools the incoming air into the interior. However, this is not an air conditioning device. Recuperators support air-conditioning devices by reducing air-conditioning costs by up to 70%.

Can chemical cleaning agents be used to clean PRANA® recuperators?

The manufacturer of recuperators PRANA® recommends using only a damp cloth and vacuum cleaner to clean the components inside the devices. Incorrectly selected cleaning agents can damage components (especially copper heat exchangers) and cause the recuperator to malfunction.

When should I run the mini heater function?

The mini-heater function installed in the PRANA 150 / 200C / 200G models must be switched on when the ambient temperature drops below -15 ° C. This is not a booster heater, but only a device that eliminates the problem of freezing the heat exchanger at low temperatures. It is recommended to start the mini-heater permanently during periods of severe frost. The energy consumption of the PRANA® recuperators in the mini-heater mode does not exceed 55 W / h.

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